10 Amazing Housewarming Gifts Anyone Would Love

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Moving is a stressful time. Your life is packed away into boxes, your routine is upended, and you’re learning to navigate your new surroundings. If you’re lucky, your move was local and you are able to stay in the same social circle. I’ve moved 3 times in the last 10 years. One of the best parts of moving is being able to invite your people over to see the new place you call home. Out of their kindness, oftentimes people bring a gift to help you settle into your new place. Housewarming gifts are a lovely tradition. Every so often we get gifts we graciously accept while wondering, when am I ever going to use this? So I’ve compiled a list of 10 housewarming gifts that I personally would love to receive and wouldn’t go unused around here. 

  1. Baskets– Take a walk around my house and you will find baskets of all sizes and in all locations. They are the most useful and versatile item in my home. Blankets, basket. Small toys, basket. Remotes, basket. Keys, basket. I am not exaggerating! While you may not want to overwhelm your friends with an endless supply of baskets, one or two is a very sweet gesture. You can even fill them with some useful supplies like Clorox wipes, trash bags, paper towels, etc. 
  1. Potted Indoor Plants– most people enjoy live plants. While some people are allergic to the perfumes of flowers, most can handle the greenery of a potted plant. Something small enough to fit in most locations but large enough to brighten the space. Sadly, I have a terrible track record for keeping plants alive for any length of time, but I do my best and enjoy the heck out of them while they live. I have found a few faux potted plants that I love just as much and don’t have to worry about keeping them alive. Weather real or faux, they make a great housewarming gift.
  1. Front Door Wreath– we only get one first impression yet our front porch is often an afterthought when we first move in. We are so focused on getting the inside of our home functional we tend to neglect the outside for a time. A simple wreath is a great way to cheer up the entrance! Pair it with a front door mat if you’re feeling extra generous. 
  1. Kitchen Dish Towels– if you’re like me, my dish towels were used to protect valuables in transit only to be washed and used again. I don’t think to replace my dish towels often. One of the gifts I appreciated was a new set of kitchen dish towels. Instantly freshened up my space and gave me the courage to let go of the dingy ones. 
  1. Cozy Throw Blanket– I love a good throw blanket. There is nothing quite as soft or cozy as a new one! Between the kids using them for forts and our pets curling up under them, our throw blankets don’t last nearly as long as they should. While I have a habit of keeping things way longer than I probably should, I am always thankful when I receive a new one! If you’re worried about style, you really can’t go wrong with a simple pattern in a basic color. 
  1. Essential Oil Diffuser– Whether you believe in the benefits of essential oils or just love making a space smell great, an essential oil diffuser is a must for every home. There are so many great looking styles that make your diffuser look like a piece of art while releasing an inviting aroma into your space. 
  1. Small Decorative Bowl– much like baskets, small bowls have so many uses! In the entryway as a catchall for keys, wallets, sunglasses, etc. In the bedroom as a safe place for your jewelry. In your bathroom to hold your hair ties. There are seemingly endless uses for a decorative bowl
  1. Serving Tray or Platter– Nothing changes the ambiance like a beautiful serving tray. Whether for decoration or actual intention, serving trays elevate event experiences, in my opinion. A serving tray can make a stationary display have more visual interest. It is also a great way to carry large quantities of food from one space to another. Convenience is key!
  1. Custom Welcome Sign– I absolutely love walking up to a home with a custom welcome sign. It tells me I for sure found the right house haha! It also sets a welcoming atmosphere before you even set foot inside. This may be something you should do only if you know the style and tastes of the people you’re buying for. Check out Amazon and Etsy for some cute customizable signs.
  1. Hand Soaps– Maybe it’s because I have kids, but we run through soap so fast! A pleasant scented soap is a perfect housewarming gift. It’s something every home needs but not always something we remember to grab right away. Throw a few in a basket and you’re sure to make their day!

Whatever you choose, I’m sure your recipients will love it. What are some gifts you’ve loved to receive? Click over to Instagram and share with me.