10 Fun Kid Activities To Do This Spring

Springtime with kiddos can be so much fun! The weather is still a little unpredictable but with the light staying longer in the evening and the days warming up a bit, there are lots of fun activities to do together. Here are 10 of our favorite fun kid activities.

1. Nature walks- the grass is green, leaves have grown back, and flowers are in full bloom. There are so many beautiful easy walks around our home that we rarely take advantage of. Taking a nature walk regularly is a great way to get exercise, fresh air, and take a break from technology. Use this time as an opportunity to talk with your kids and strengthen your bond together. 

2. Visit a local farm or “u pick” spot. Spring time often means new baby animals, cut your own flowers, and around here, strawberry picking. Find a place around you that offers a unique experience and take your family for an outing. I don’t think there’s anything much cuter than new animals playing around. Goats are probably some of my favorite newborns to watch. If animals aren’t up your alley, find a place to cut your own flowers, or pick your own berries. Days like these will quickly become fond memories. 

3. Museums are a big hit around here too. Many places have museums built with kids in mind but are engaging for adults too. Around us we have the Science Center, Children’s Museum, a Battlefield Memorial, and more. What can you find in your area?

4.Fishing/ Day at a Lake- I am a terrible fisherwoman. My brother can catch on every cast, in case of a food shortage, I’m sticking with him! I really don’t like fishing all that much but I do love sitting peacefully overlooking the water. My kids have been begging me to take them fishing and so we are making a day out of it. With our feet firmly planted on shore and my behind on a picnic blanket, we will laze a beautiful spring day away on the banks of a local lake.

5. Bake together- If you’re looking for an at home and inside activity,  I suggest baking or cooking something together. Last summer each kid rotated having a “cook night” with me. I taught them how to make a recipe, they set the table, served their siblings, and we ate a yummy meal together. That took some time and preparation but it is something my kids absolutely loved and brought us closer together. Just remember to keep it simple!

6. Do an experiment- even though I homeschool 3 days a week, science is mostly done at school. Every so often I get the itching to watch a homemade volcano erupt or build our own slime, and so we do. I usually get my science kits off Amazon or from Lakeshore Learning

7. Put together pick me up baskets! I wrote an article on doing just that! It was a fun experience for my kiddos and taught them a bit about budgeting and service. Plus you get to do a little shopping. Just pick 1 person you think could use a surprise and put a little something together for them

8. Camp in your living room. Camping is lots of fun but it requires a lot of prep work, especially with kids. Save yourself the hassle and set up your camp spot in your living room. Have the kids help build a fort, or set up your actual tent. Light a fire in the fireplace, turn out the lights, and have fun telling stories, singing songs, and playing games.

9. Indoor or Outdoor Picnic. Enjoy a lovely picnic meal. If the weather is beautiful, take it outside. If the weather is dreary, set up on your living room floor. Bring a fun activity to do together after you eat. Have a child friendly menu like, cut out PB&J’s or cheese and crackers. 

10. Use chalk to create different activities. Have an art contest or build a hopscotch course. Create an activity trail- a winding pathway with various stops and commands like turn in a circle, take 5 steps backwards, bunny hop, etc.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to be present and enjoy the moment. These days are fleeting and before you know it, your littles won’t be so little anymore. Make some beautiful memories along the way. Feel free to share what you did over on my Instagram. I love to hear from you.