15 Must Have Toys Your Kids Will Love For Christmas This Year

The Holidays are fast approaching. Before you know it, Mariah Carey will be serenading us with all she wants for Christmas, as we rush about filling the wish lists of our own loved ones. I start my planning early and spread my shopping out so I don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed. Read about my strategy here. In fact, I quite enjoy the Holiday season and look forward to it each year. Whether you’re reading this list months in advance or weeks before, I hope you find something your kids will enjoy!

**Affiliate Disclosure- If you purchase an item from this list, I may receive a small commission. This is one of the ways I support my family and appreciate the support if you choose to buy!

I asked my own 2 kids to help me compile a list of 15 gifts they would love to receive. Happy shopping!

Binoculars Whether your kids are younger or older, Binoculars make a fun gift for all ages. Take them on a nature walk, baseball game, or to the ocean to spot some dolphins. They are a fun addition to any outing and keep kids entertained for a good while. 

Rainbow Scratchers– My kids absolutely love these. They are perfect when traveling or when you need an easy, low stress art project. 

Magnet Tiles– There are a few brands out there now. We’ve found the kids don’t care about the price difference and simply enjoy the magic of magnets. 

Friendship Bracelets- My daughter is loving making friendship bracelets these days. She’s been begging me for a kit and while browsing the options, found this! 

Light Tracing Pads– Another easy art activity that is perfect for anywhere. The light up pad, allows your child to easily trace designs and make their own fun creations. 

Craft Kits– For some reason painting any other object besides paper is infinitely more fun for my kids. These little wood slices are a fun canvas for little artists.

“Smart” Watch– with no cell connectivity, these watches are a great way to introduce technology to your kids. It has the ability to take photos, play music, track habits, play games, and more.  

Walkie Talkies– Who doesn’t love playing with Walkie Talkies? Pretending to be secret agents, pilots flying the skies, or whatever their imagination can concoct, Walkie Talkies can enhance imaginative play for kids. 

Handheld Game Console– no internet, no violence, the perfect way to entertain your kids without the extra noise. It makes a great tool for traveling or sick days plus you don’t have to worry about the accessing things they shouldn’t 

Digital Camera– for the budding young photographer, these cameras are a fun introduction. This gives your child the ability to take photos/ videos with different built in scenes, plus a few games to help pass the time. They are not connected to the internet so no concerns for unwanted access to anything beyond what is on the device. 

Skincare Face Mask– These fun character spa masks are a great way to start teaching your child about self-care, plus how fun are these characters?

Microscope Kit– For the budding scientist, this microscope kit comes with prepared slides, blank sides, rocks and minerals to help get them started on their science journey.  

Cats Cradle– If you have a child with fidgety hands, but they’re feeling too grown up for pop sockets, this is a great option. It comes with an instruction book and string. 

Playdough Kitchen– Playdough and kinetic sand are 2 activities my kids can do for hours without tiring. If you’re looking to enhance your playdough kit, I suggest the kitchen set. 

Mini Drone– A great way to learn movement control and a way to entertain themselves and others for hours. Mini drones don’t have the costs of traditional drones and are designed to be easy for kids to use. 

What are some items on your kids Christmas wish list? 



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