9 Easy Date Ideas For Spring

After cold winter days and long dark nights, the turn into spring is a welcome one around here. The schedule starts filling back up with sports, activities, and appointments. I don’t know if it’s the surge in chaos but It becomes harder to make the time for my husband the way it is when days move a little slower. Date’s have to come with intention and planning instead of spontaneity. That’s okay though, as long as we make them happen regularly.

Here are 9 easy date ideas for spring


It may sound basic, but that’s its allure. Slow down and enjoy just being together in a beautiful setting! There are so many lovely places to take a picnic. Find a local lake or river front, get a little sand between the toes at the beach, or in the middle of your neighborhood park. While the location can add to the ambience, the purpose is to take a break and reconnect. 

Food at a picnic is always a good idea. Either order food and pick up on your way,  or put together a basket of your favorite eats to bring with you. One requires a little more effort but both meet the need. Whatever meal option you choose, here are some items you will want to make sure you have with you.

  • Blanket with a water resistant layer to avoid wet behinds
  • Second blanket to snuggle under for cooler days
  • Plates/ Bowls
  • Cutlery
  • Napkins
  • Bottle Opener
  • Cups
  • Trash Bag

If you’re really on it, there are companies that will set up truly amazing picnic’s for you to enjoy with little effort on your part.

Go on a Hike

Not everyone is the outdoorsy type, but typically one in the relationship is. The great thing about hikes is they range in difficulty so you can find one that fits your comfort zone. I love hikes, but I am terrified of certain wildlife that makes its appearance on warmer days. That’s why I stick to hikes on cooler days in the springtime.

Make sure to dress appropriately, we don’t need anything extra to complain about as we trek together haha! Wear layers, comfortable shoes, bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and a snack.

Around here, some of my favorite places to hike are Lake Dixon in Escondido, Torrey Pines Preserve at Torrey Pines State Beach, Annie’s Canyon in Encinitas, Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve in Rancho Penasquitos, and Blue Sky Reserve in Poway.    

Scenic Walk

If a hike sounds too “naturey” to you, take a scenic walk instead. A walk on the beach, or a round a small lake are a perfect substitute and can easily be followed by a nice picnic or dinner at a restaurant. 

Interactive Dinner

I love Benihanas. The environment, the entertainment, the food! It’s an all around win. If you’re looking for something a little more involved then that, try a murder mystery dinner. 

The Dinner Detective in San Diego, is an unforgettable and entertaining experience. We held a work event here and everybody was engaged from start to finish! It is definitely a must do experience and would make a fun date night!

Comedy Club

Sometimes life is just too darn serious. It’s good to break it up and laugh a bit! Plus the indoors atmosphere is perfect for cool spring nights. When my husband and I first started dating, we were regulars at the National Comedy Theatre in Old Town San Diego. Their Improv comedy was unmatched and we left with our cheeks hurting every time! Check your area for a local improv/ comedy club or look up you favorite comedians tour schedule to see when they’re coming your way. 

Miniature Golf

We love mini golf! Spring is the perfect season to start back up as the nights are not as chilly and the days are met with more sunshine, around here at least. Mini golf is an easy to plan date as you simply need to pick your course, show up, get your equipment, and enjoy! 

We love the energy at mini golf places and the friendly competition amplifies flirting 100%. It’s a great activity to reconnect with. Just don’t let it get too competitive unless that’s your thing. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our favorite local place is Pelly’s in Del Mar. 

Farmers Market/ Street Fair

Take a stroll around your local farmers market and enjoy the amazing display of fresh fruit, vegetables, and homemade goods. While credit cards are accepted by most, it’s good to bring cash if you intend to buy anything. Elevate the date by grabbing items and heading back home to cook a nice meal together. 

Bike Ride/ Rollerblade

Take it back to a simpler time, when there were few cares and a sense of wonder abounded. Grab your bikes ( or rent some), or grab some skates and take a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, down by the beach, lake, or through the park. It doesn’t matter much where you go, just that you go together. 

Visit a Local Farm

Springtime is a great time to visit local farms. Go during their “you pick” times and spend the day harvesting together. Here in San Diego, we enjoy strawberry picking or walking through the stunningly beautiful flower fields. What’s available in your area? 

There are honestly hundreds of date ideas that you could find to do with your partner. These are just 9 of my favorite, easy to put together date ideas for the springtime. Share your experiences with me over on Instagram. I’d love to know which one you chose and what you loved about it.