About Sincerely Amanda

Hello! I’m Amanda. I have walked many different roads in life, from infertility, foster, and adoption, through cancer with my husband, attempted suicide with a close family member, and my own personal childhood traumas. I am no stranger to change and upheaval. When 2020 came, I was feeling disconnected and isolate. I started writing again to help release some of the pains I was experiencing. I didn’t feel safe enough to put those things out there for everyone to see. So I focused my energy elsewhere. After a recent loss to the family we hoped to have, I found myself drawn to write again. This time, I wanted to overcome my fear of rejection and vulnerability. With the encouragement of some friends, I decided to publish my writing. While I may share some of the difficult parts, my hope with this blog is to find connection through my own passions. Travel, Finance, Relationships/ Parenting, Lifestyle DIY projects, and more. I’m not your sophisticated, has it all together blogger. I’m not trying to make it big. I just want to get myself out of my own way and meet people trying to do the same. I hope you find a comforting place to read as you take a respite from your own busy life. Thank you so much for being here.