Finding Clarity Of Mind In A Chaotic Life
***Disclaimers -This is a recounting of my own experience and health journey and should not be construed as medical advice. Speak with your physician about any health concerns you may have. If you choose to purchase products listed in this post, I may receive a small commission. This is one of the ways I support my family. The items mentioned in this post are items I use myself.

Hello fellow ADHD people. I was diagnosed as a child and took medication in my early years that allowed my brain to slow down enough to learn coping skills so that I could be successful in living with ADHD. While I have many tools to help me focus and be successful, I still have all of those very typical tendencies. I lose things a lot, yet always know where everyone else’s stuff is. I multitask. Not because of necessity, but because it’s very difficult for me to start one task and stay focused on it for the duration. That has become increasingly more challenging since having kids who constantly interrupt anytime I attempt to do anything. Cleaning my house is like a roller coaster ride. I eventually get it all done but I’m up, down, and all over the place in the process.

Thankfully the tools I learned as a child have really helped me be successful in work and other aspects. Even so, my ADHD can get the best of me some days. That is why I was so grateful for Clarity. I don’t need the support all the time, but on my most exhausting days, having the brain functioning support of Clarity makes all the difference. 

Something not many people talk about is how real sleep deprivation is from taking care of infants. There is an immense mental burden that comes from keeping track of schedules and appointments for the entire family. Your brain truly enters survival mode and can be why many people struggle to have many memories of the first year or so of their child’s life. It is a blur, because your brain in focusing on one important task, keeping your child alive. As they age, the brain never really gets a chance to recover because you switch from survival mode to super parent mode. Making sure doctors appointments are scheduled, activities are booked, the home is orderly, everyone is fed, etc, etc, etc. It’s exhausting being the primary parent and carrying the load of running a home, in addition to everything else. 

On top of the challenges of ADHD and parenthood, I also suffered long effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. In February 2021, we were at our new home doing some projects before we moved it. I was under are large deck painting cabinet doors. I had been down there for about 2 hours and I was feeling really really sick. I remember my head hurting and feeling very nauseous. I had smelled a gas smell but attributed it to a deceased animal in a nearby trash can. Once the nausea intensified I questioned if that really was the cause. I asked my husband to come downstairs and check it out. Sure enough, there was a leak and I had been directly inhaling carbon monoxide every time I bent down for more paint. 

Upon discovering the leak, he went to shut it off and I went upstairs to get away from it. I passed out on my way up the stairs and when I came to, I could not move, talk, or open my eyes. My daughter came over and I managed to whisper “open the door and get dad.” She asked me if I was going to die. Honestly, I thought I might. It was terrifying. My husband helped me get all the way outside, where I stayed for several hours, trying to get fresh oxygen. We were still in the middle of covid chaos and I did not go to the hospital. That was a mistake. Instead, I did a video consult with an urgent care doctor because despite sitting outside in the fresh air for 6 hours, I was worried about going to sleep and not waking up. He essentially told me “If you were going to die, you would have already” vaguely comforting. What no one told me about was the long-term effects of not getting immediate treatment for the poisoning. 

As the weeks progressed my brain began to fail me. Basic work tasks that I had done for years because foreign. I looked at a spreadsheet I had completed several thousand times and I couldn’t recognize anything. I would try reading to my kids and I would miss words or say wrong words completely. My mood and emotions began to shift. I plummeted into a deep depression. Something was very wrong. 

This image is from Healogics and is very similar to the chamber I used during my treatment.

After some research, my mom discovered hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Essentially you are put in a chamber and exposed to pure oxygen for a set amount of time. My sessions were 2 hours long. The oxygen speeds up the regeneration and rejuvenation of cells that have been damaged. There was a location about 20 minutes away from me, I just needed a referral from a doctor. My personal doctor didn’t even take the time to talk to me and had her nurse tell me, “we looked at the urgent care notes and it says you’re going to be fine”. 

I hung up the phone and called the center. They connected me with a doctor willing to evaluate my symptoms. He placed the referral immediately. I had classic long-term carbon monoxide effects. Did you know the brain and body can continue to deteriorate several weeks after exposure if left untreated? I didn’t either. My insurance did not cover it and it was not cheap, but we found away. I went for several months and saw a huge reversal of the symptoms I had been experiencing. Slowly my brain began working again. I don’t have many memories during that time frame. Thankfully, I do feel like myself again. 

Through this experience I lost a lot of trust in my physician, to say the least. I lost trust in a system that wouldn’t listen to my symptoms or take me seriously. I realized that I had to take charge of my own health and wellness and I couldn’t rely on them to care or actually treat the majority of my health struggles. While there are still things I need to see a doctor for, I’ve decided to find more natural ways to get my brain and body on track.

Then a few months ago, my uncle Tracy Gibbs created a health supplement for people whose brains have been through a lot. Whether that’s from ADHD, or years of stress taking its toll, you don’t have to just live with it. I started using Clarity as needed. You can use it daily but I only use it when I really need my brain to cooperate with me. On the days where my usual tools aren’t working for me and I need a brain boost. 

I swear, Tracy took all of my ailments and created supplements just for me! I’ve never been able to swallow large pills. They always got stuck and sat in my throat until they dissolved. It’s the absolute worst. Clarity comes in dissolvable strips you stick on your tongue. It’s been a supplement game changer for people like me. I have never felt so seen in the wellness sphere. Just another reason, I have finally taken my wellness journey seriously, these are products that work and I don’t feel stressed over taking them. 

I invite you to check it out for yourself. Tell me where you struggle and let’s see if we can find a supplement to help you. Life is better when you live life wise. 



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