10 Self Care Tips For A Busy Mom- Seriously Easy!

You know those days where you are just so worn out, all you want to do is climb in to bed, sleep for a week, and then try again? Most days feel like that to me! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than life itself. But parenting is hard work! Whoever said stay at home moms have it easy has clearly never been one. I am a work from home, stay at home mom who homeschools, among other things. I work in the financial world, I co-run a small charity, I homeschool my daughter and my son. I am with my kids almost all day every day. I run myself ragged and I promise you I do all of my duties do it all well! I have had to learn some tough lessons, make some major sacrifices, and realign my priorities many times. Whatever your title may be, there is something we all have in common. We need to practice self-care.

How often do we hear that phrase now days? Everyone is talking about it; you know need to do it. But, how? The counterarguments I hear a lot are, I just don’t have time, or I don’t have extra money to spend. Here are 10 quick, affordable, even free, self-care options. Before we dive into the list, I want to talk about what self-care is not. Self-care is not doing life’s basic necessities, like getting a regular shower, sleeping normal hours, or eating a hot meal. Those need to top your priority list each day if you are not doing these things for yourself. Your children do not skip meals, neither should you. Take care of yourself well so that you can take care of your children.

Here are 10 ideas to incorporate into your regular self-care routine.

The first five can be completed in as little as 10 minutes or as long as you would like.

1)     Get ready

I suppose for some this is a necessity, for me this is just a bonus to my day! I’m not talking about just putting clothes on, I’m talking about the who shebang. Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare, shut your door, put on some music, and do a little extra to get yourself ready. A simple 5-minute face, to hide the bags, brighten the eyes, whatever you’re wanting in that moment. Perhaps makeup isn’t your thing. Do whatever it is you enjoy in these few minutes. Paint your nails or style your hair in a cute updo. Find the pick me up you need and add it to your daily routine.

If you are at home most of the time like me, maybe you feel better when you take off your pajamas and put on some daytime clothes. Maybe wearing a cute set of matching underwear and bra will give you the confidence boost you need. I know this sounds so basic, but do you know how many moms don’t find the time to do these simple things? I know that I feel more confident and ready to roll when I have taken a few minutes to put myself together.

2)     Breathing exercises

My family has been trying to get me to meditate for years. I have done it off and on and I really find it beneficial when I do. I could always come up with an excuse for why not. My kids always interrupt, my dogs always bark, I don’t have anywhere quiet to do this. So rather than find accommodations, I just didn’t do it at all. This is why I am not suggesting you meditate, thought you should if you can. Instead, just breathe! Sometimes I hide in my bathroom, put on some music, and just take deep breaths. 4 seconds inhale, hold for 7, release for 8. This is particularly amazing when I am about to lose my ever-loving mind on my kids. I just stop, hide, and breathe. I come out feeling calm, and ready to face the chaos before me.

3)     10-minute workout

Shocking that I would even suggest this since I loathe exercise. But after a particularly difficult year and a severe bout of depression, I decided to give exercise a try. My chief complaints were, never enough time, it always leaves me tired, and I do not enjoy running! Through the mind reading Facebook power, I was suggested to try an app called FitOn. It is a free exercise app that offers work out videos for every timetable. They had a wide selection of styles from Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Kickboxing, and more. I know there are others out there, I just found this one fit my style best. I could get my heartrate pumping within 7 minutes and feel so accomplished for the day. It left me feeling better physically and mentally too! Now I go once a week to my friends UJAM class for the social aspect.

4)     Get your favorite treat

I don’t know what it’s like in your home, but in mine, it’s all about the kids. When I’m grocery shopping, my cart is full of snacks and meals for the kids. I usually eat what they eat, but sometimes you just want your own special treat! So, treat yourself. Make that smoothie, scoop that ice cream, indulge in that cake! Life is too short to miss out on the thing you enjoy. Keep in mind if your kids see it, they will want it too. So maybe save this one for when they are nicely distracted or buy enough to share.

5)     Jot down your thoughts

I love writing, but I am a terrible journal keeper. One thing I have been fairly good at over the years is practicing gratitude. It was suggested to me a long time ago when I was having a rough time. Take 5 + minutes each day and write down at least 3 things I am grateful for or that have gone well for me in the last 24 hours. This mental shift to positive thinking can improve your mood and set you up for happier and more productive day.

These next ones are for when you have a little bit more time to spare.

6)     Girls’ night out

Connecting with other women does not come easy for me. I have had so many challenges on that front, that making new friends can be truly terrifying. However, since most of my close friends from childhood don’t live around here anymore, and connection is such an important part of life, I have been making an effort to put myself out there more. Grabbing dinner with a friend, watching a reality show, or just doing our shopping together are some ways I make sure I get in that connection regularly.

7)     Acupuncture, massage, facial

This is something I have found is really restorative for me. Since I’m sadly not made of money, this is not something I can do all the time, but I make sure to do something big for myself each month. Massage and acupuncture are my favorite self-care activities. Something about the quiet calm music, the relaxed breathing, and the physical body releasing a month’s worth of tension leaves me feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. Another one I enjoy but don’t do very regularly is a facial. Whatever your favorite treatment is, find the time and make it happen.

8)     Read a good book, watch a good movie

There is nothing I love more than reading. Books are my happy place. I generally stick to the sappy and sweet love stories, with an occasional mystery thrown in. I like my readings to be light-hearted and joyful. I am the person who picks up a book and cannot put it down until it’s done. This isn’t exactly conducive to having early rising children. However, when I get a long stretch of kid free time, I use it to read. When my time isn’t quite long enough, I will pop on a good movie or watch a favorite show.

9)     Go on a date

Married or single, sometimes it’s nice to get dolled up and treated to a night out! If you’re in a committed relationship, I recommend doing this as often as you can! Date nights with your partner are the perfect time to keep that spark alive or rekindle it if it’s fading. Getting to be together, just the 2 of you, is vital to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. If you are single and the thought of dating just doesn’t sound that appealing, try friend dates! Those were my absolute favorite when I was single, and I still do them now! Get fancy and go out with your friend!

10)  Do a hobby project

Who has time for a hobby, am I right? But honestly, if you have something you use to enjoy doing, make the time to do it again! My mom was a great quilter and seamstress. She may tell you otherwise, don’t listen to her. With 4 kids around, she didn’t have much alone time. Instead, she involved us in her hobby project. We would help her cut, pin, or just sit and talk with her. It was an amazing bonding time, and she was able to do something she loved! Self-care doesn’t always mean you have to be childless or alone. Sometimes it is just doing something you want to do.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Sometimes the best self-care is free. I just want you to remember that self-care is not just meeting your basic needs. Those are necessities and you need to add them back into your life asap. Self-care is the additional love and care you need and deserve in order to make this life the very best it can be. You are worth every moment you spend on yourself. Your children deserve the best version of you. Putting yourself and your partner first will ensure you are able to give more to your children. Doing this will help you better show them they are loved, cared for, and will help you to enjoy a full life.



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