How I Said Goodbye To Insomnia and Hello To A Good Nights Sleep

Hello from a fellow insomniac. No matter when I hop into bed, It takes a minimum of one hour to actually fall asleep, and that is on a good night. My average is closer to 3 hours and my sleep is never restful. I woke up just as tired as I went to sleep. I’ve tried many things over the years. Some helped me get better sleep, but nothing ever helped me actually fall asleep. As a mom, my rise time isn’t mine to dictate. My kids are early risers and as such, so am I. Though my natural rhythm is far from a morning person, I adapted out of necessity. As mature adult life took over, my time asleep shortened greatly. 

When Tracy Gibbs came out with his new sleep supplement, Dream, I knew I had to try it. He shared a story of my sweet little cousin, a night owl like me, falling asleep within minutes while sitting in a chair. It’s what first opened my mind to the idea of joining Life Wise and accepting that my methods of “wellness” were anything but. I wasn’t well, I was surviving. I wanted to have the energy to be the mom I always thought I would be. To have the energy to give to every facet of my life I wanted to give it to. 

Lack of quality sleep affects everyone differently, but it does affect everyone. Over the years, I have struggled with PCOS- polycystic ovarian syndrome which messes with my hormone and insulin levels. It’s one of many reasons for my insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Much of which is very cyclical. I’ve also experienced many traumas over my lifetime. While therapy has been key in moving forward in life, there are still many physical effects from it. It became another contributing factor to my inability to fall asleep or get any semblance of restful sleep. Add in a child who continues to wake me in the middle of the night, and you have a level of exhaustion no amount of caffeine can remedy. In recent months, I’ve felt more tired than I did when I had a brand new baby.  

In the past, certain sleep aids have caused me to go into a deep dream state in which I would have nightmares. Night after night of nightmares. To the point where my insomnia was more anxiety based because I feared falling asleep.It would go on for weeks, sometimes months, before I finally felt safe falling asleep again. I always blamed melatonin for the problem and to be honest was a little hesitant seeing it as an ingredient in Dream because of my history. I decided to give it a chance because I saw other ingredients I hadn’t seen in any other sleep aids before, and because I was desperate. Long term exhaustion from lack of sleep affects everything. Your brain and memory functions, mood regulation, appetite, and in general, everything feels more difficult. Sleep is the time where your body is meant to repair itself. That doesn’t happen if you never get to the repairing stages of sleep. Needless to say, I have spent many years as a tired, zombie-like person. I masked it pretty well but inside it has been a real struggle. My brain has really been struggling lately and I needed something to change. 

My first night taking Dream, I wanted to really test its ability. Typically, sleep aids take at least 90 minutes or more for them to have any real effect on me. My target bedtime was 9pm so I took the strip at 7:20pm. My husband, who can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, was tasked with telling me when I actually fell asleep. Within 5 minutes of taking the pill, I was already feeling tired and laid down in my bed. 10 minutes later, he checked on me again, not quite asleep but I had no interest in doing anything but laying there. 20 minutes after taking the pill, I was asleep. I had dreams but no nightmares. Sadly, my sleep was interrupted by a snoring dog, and I mean SNOOORRRINNGG.But, I was able to almost immediately fall back asleep. You see typically, when I get woken up, that is it. I restart the entire falling asleep process and my brain returns to hyperdrive. I didn’t wake up feeling rested, because I have seriously long term sleep issues that I know won’t heal overnight. But for the first time ever, I have hope that I will get this under control. 

I was taking dream with great sleeping success. Then one night, I thought I was tired enough that just maybe, I could go to sleep on my own. At midnight, after 2 hours in bed, I gave up, popped in a strip, and passed out a few minutes later. While I have a lot of assumptions as to what causes my insomnia, I never had a good cure or solution for it. While DREAM isn’t a cure for the condition, it manages the symptoms and I have been able to get quality sleep! 

If you struggle with sleep, like me and so many others, maybe Dream can help you too. For those of you who have tried it, I’d love to know your thoughts on it!



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