10 Summer Activities to Get You Out Of The House

I love summer! I would rather be hot than cold, humid than dry.. I was born in January but was made for the heat. This is my season. Summer is never long enough and I try to pack as much in as possible. Here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Drive In Movie- While these theaters aren’t as accessible as they once were, most places still have a drive in. I try to take the truck or my suv and fill it with pillows and blankets to ensure maximum comfort. Splurge on snacks and drinks. May places do a 2 for 1 double feature. It’s perfect for a night out or with the kids if the film choice is family friendly.
  2. Beach- The beach is my happy place. The sun hitting the water, the crashing waves, the sand under my feet… There is nothing that brings me more calm and rejuvenation that this place. Whether I go by myself, with friends, or family, It is always a wonderful time. 
  3. Pool- Thankfully I have access to a few great pools. I try at least a few times each summer to go by  myself and enjoy the feeling of carefree floating in the water as I read a good book. Of course adding in friends and family is always fun too. 
  4. BBQ/ Picnic- Many parks and beaches have a place to bbq some food. If not, bring a picnic and enjoy people watching on a lazy summer day. 
  5. Museum- When the heat is just too much but you’re going stir crazy sitting at home, head to the museum! The air conditioning is always perfect temperature plus you have really cool things to look at. 
  6. Aquarium- Take a dive and enjoy the company of some truly beautiful creatures! I love the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of fish. I like it even better when I don’t have to be in the water with them to see it!
  7. Zoo- I have been blessed to have had access to the world famous San Diego Zoo, my entire life. I go at least once each month and it never, ever gets old. I am in awe of the magnificent animals and proud of the conservation and education efforts. Plus its a beautiful spot to get great exercise and fresh air. 
  8. Amusement Park or County Fair- This is a great one for date night or an afternoon out with friends. Every June we have the San Diego County Fair. I go once with my kids, once with my husband, and once with my girlfriends. It’s a mix of rides, food, and shopping. Right up my alley! With the kids, we have a lot of amusement park options within an hours drive of our house. 
  9. Outdoor Movie Night- Grab a projector and hang up a white sheet or screen. Lay out pillows, blankets, and invite some friends. Enjoy a warm evening under the stars watching a movie together. 
  10. Outdoor yoga or workout class- exercise is not my favorite activity.. But you put it in a fun location like a park or beach, and suddenly I’m more willing to give it a try! Take your morning yoga outside, or find a group class at a local park. 

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great summer! Be sure to follow along on Instagram for future post updates and other fun summer content!