25 New Holiday Traditions To Embrace This Year

It’s probably no surprise, but I love Christmas! Every year, when December rolls around, I make my plan. Most every day has some kind of Christmas activity planned. This year, I thought it would be fun to include others in my (overly?) festive life! A few of these will be new to me, but I’m so excited to add them in to my annual Christmas Traditions. Want to join me for 25 days of Christmas cheer?

1. Virtual Holiday Movie Marathon: Host a virtual movie night with friends or family, streaming your favorite holiday films together from the comfort of your homes. While most of my family is here, many of my friends are not. I love the idea of watching a movie all together virtually!

2. Gratitude Advent Calendar: Create an advent calendar with daily prompts for expressing gratitude. Reflect on the positive aspects of each day leading up to the holiday. If you did my 30 days of Gratitude Challenge, this will be a perfect way to keep it going!

3. Recipe Exchange: Swap family-favorite holiday recipes with friends and cook each other’s dishes for a virtual feast. Take this a step further and cook each others recipes then host a potluck where you bring a dish from the recipe you were given.

4. Ornament Crafting Party: Gather with loved ones for an ornament crafting session. Share your creations and memories together. You can grab supplies off Amazon or your local crafting store.

5. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Organize an outdoor holiday-themed scavenger hunt for family and friends, complete with hidden surprises and treats.

6. Holiday Book Club: Start a holiday book club where you all read and discuss heartwarming holiday stories.

7. Global Treat Exchange: Exchange traditional holiday treats from around the world with friends or family, giving everyone a taste of different cultures. Bonus if you add a little insert explaining where their delectable treat originated from!

8. DIY Wreath-Making Workshop: Host a wreath-making workshop where you all create beautiful wreaths to adorn your homes.

9. Caroling: Our family loves picking a few friends to carol to each year. If your apart from your loved ones this holiday season, join in virtually!

10. Memory Jar: Throughout the holiday season, jot down moments of joy and gratitude and place them in a memory jar. Open and read them on New Year’s Day.

11. Cozy Fireside Storytelling: Gather around a virtual fireplace for cozy storytelling sessions, sharing tales of holiday traditions and cherished memories.

12. Handwritten Letters: Write heartfelt letters to loved ones expressing your gratitude and love. Snail mail never goes out of style!

13. Charity Cookie Drive: Bake batches of cookies and donate them to a local charity, hospital, or shelter to spread joy to those in need.

14. Digital Ornament Exchange: Host a virtual ornament exchange with friends, mailing each other unique ornaments to adorn your trees.

15. Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot: Dress up in your holiday best and take a festive family photo shoot outdoors, capturing the magic of the season.

16. Virtual DIY Gift Swap: Create handmade gifts and exchange them virtually, showcasing your creativity and thoughtfulness.

17. Kindness Countdown: Create a kindness advent calendar with daily acts of kindness to perform throughout the holiday season.

18. Virtual Gift-Wrapping Party: It wouldn’t make much sense to transport all your presents somewhere else to wrap them. But you can definitely make wrapping more fun by wrapping with friends virtually. Enjoy sipping hot cocoa while wearing your slippers and pajamas, sharing stories to make the time fly by.

19. Home Decoration Contest: Host a friendly competition among friends or neighbors for the most creatively decorated homes.

20. Letters to Future Selves: Write letters to your future selves, reflecting on the current year and setting intentions for the coming year.

21. Family Trivia Night: Organize a virtual family trivia night with holiday-themed questions and fun challenges.

22. Light Show Extravaganza: Go on an evening drive to admire the holiday light displays in your neighborhood or nearby areas.

23. Talent Show: Host a talent show where each family member or friend showcases their unique talents.

24. DIY Countdown Calendar: Create a DIY countdown calendar with personalized notes, treats, or small gifts for each day leading up to the holiday.

25. New Year’s Eve Reflection: On New Year’s Eve, gather virtually to reflect on the past year and share hopes for the upcoming one.

‘Tis the season to infuse your celebrations with fresh joy and warmth! Create lasting memories with these delightful new holiday traditions to try this year. With these new holiday traditions, you’re sure to infuse the season with fresh joy, heartfelt connections, and beautiful memories that will last for years to come.



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