50 Fun Activities To Give Your Kids A Summer To Remember!

Summer is my favorite time of year. The weather is warm, and life seems to slow down just a little bit. The kids are out for summer for a well-earned educational break. But that doesn’t mean the learning stops just because school is out! Our kids learn in so many different ways and in this list of activities are some creative ways you can keep the magic of learning alive without anyone even knowing it! 

While periods of boredom are actually good for our kids, so is spending some regular quality time together! Here are 50 activities you can do with your kids to help give them a summer they’ll remember. Enjoy!

  1. Slip N Slide- My back and hips don’t love this one as much as they used to but oh man, is it fun! Grab a boogie board or add some dish soap to make it extra slippery!
  2. Personal Water Park- I bought this on sale last April and it was by far the best purchase I’ve ever made for my kids. They spent hours and hours splashing and sliding around! We used it for birthday parties, family get-togethers, and everyday boredom busters!
  3. Jump House– While a trampoline is awesome too, there is just something so fun about a bounce house! No need to wait for a birthday to rent one, there are plenty more affordable options for the day to day. Here is a great option for smaller kids.
  4. Park- We are blessed to live near some truly beautiful parks with creeks and waterfalls, ponds with turtles and ducks, and playgrounds and ball fields galore. We take advantage of them every second we get! It’s free entertainment and a nice change of scenery.
  5. Feed ducks- Grab some bird feed and pay our feathered friends a visit. It’s my son’s favorite activity and we always leave with a smile on our face.
  6. Amusement Parks- Being from Southern California, there are amusement parks a plenty. Ranging from massive like Disneyland to more compact like Belmont Park. Plan a day to take your family and make some memories.
  7. Beach- If you’re blessed like I am to live near the beach, take advantage of it! We can stay for hours and hours and never get bored. Make sure to bring lots of sand building tools! Race against the tides to create an epic mini city.
  8. Pool- Can you believe I lived in So. CA my entire life and never once lived in a house with a pool? Thankfully we had an awesome community pool and friends who were kind enough to let us come as we pleased. Swimming is a fantastic way for kids to burn off their energy, soak up the vitamin D, and play with their friends. Please, please, please make sure your children understand water safety and learn how to swim. Always watch them when in the water. 
  9. Picnic- I love a good picnic. Beach, park, backyard.. It doesn’t matter to me where we are, I just love setting out a blanket, casually eating comfort foods, and watching my kids run around carefree. 
  10. Fishing- not my personal favorite activity but if you have someone in your family who is skilled at this hobby, invite them to come along! Fishing is a great way to teach patience and to calm the mind. 
  11. Fly A Kite– I am not good at this but it sure is still fun to try! Make sure to stay away from trees and power lines!
  12. Water Fight- water balloons, water guns, or straight from the hose, a water fight is a great activity to help beat the summer heat and get the giggles flowing.
  13. Obstacle Course- Using what you have around, create and recreate obstacle courses for your children to complete! 
  14. Plant A Summer Garden- Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans, Berries, Corn, and Melons are some great summer garden staples. 
  15. Build A Birdhouse- Give your kids some balsa wood and glue to craft a home for some local birds! Add some paint and decorations to really let their creativity shine! Pair this with building a pinecone bird feeder using peanut butter and bird seed for a full experience. 
  16. Painting Together- Indoors or out, painting is a fun summer activity. Grab a large poster board, canvas, or roll of paper and just start creating! Follow along to Bob Ross or other artists, try to duplicate an object around you, or paint whatever comes to your mind. 
  17. Chalk Art- Chalk goes fast in this house! Walk into our yard any given summer day and you might wonder who died there.. Little body outlines galore mixed with hopscotch that stretches 100 jumps and a racetrack to ride their bikes around. Mix with water and watch it change color right before their eyes! 
  18. Bike Ride- Bikes are so fun. Whether leaving from your front door or driving to a trail head, biking as a family is a great activity. The exercise and stimulation from nature are very grounding and beneficial for everyone in the home. Exercise safety and wear helmets!
  19. Roller Skate/ Scooter Adventure- I love to skate down the boardwalk and people watch. With my kids, I find the local park is a bit more friendly to their skill levels. We practice jumping over the cracks in the sidewalks, and racing from tree to tree. Lots of fun to be had when wheels are involved.
  20. Hike- There are so many amazing hikes and walks in most every community. Sometimes it’s worth a short drive to change up the scenery too. Just bring snacks and enough water for those warm summer days. 
  21. Teach A New Game- Kids don’t inherently know how to play all the games we grew up playing as kids. Whether it’s board games or duck, duck goose. They have to be taught, so take the time to show them how. 
  22. Free Summer Concerts- celebrate local talent mixed with the sounds of children playing by taking advantage of free summer concerts in your community. 
  23. Frisbee- Our favorite place to play frisbee is at the beach. There’s something so exciting about trying not to hit the bajillion people walking around haha! But really, Frisbee is a great sport and the kids have such a blast wherever we play it. 
  24. Kickball At The Ballfields- I spent much of my life at the ball fields, for my brothers baseball games, my own softball games, my dad’s softball games, and for the occasional kickball tournaments! I look back so fondly on those moments when families came together to kick a big red ball, run the bases and just have a great time together. 
  25. Go To A Ballgame- Not as affordable as it once was, but I absolutely love baseball. I grew up all around it and there is something so magical to me about eating nachos, ice cream, pretzels, and hot dogs in one sitting while I watch people play a sport that I love. I took my kids last year and loved how into it they were too! You don’t have to go MLB, find a local minors team for a more intimate experience. 
  26. Do Fun Summer Homework- Learning doesn’t stop just because summer starts! Grab a workbook or go on scavenger hunts as you learn about the objects you’re searching for. Play store and teach about adding and subtracting money. 
  27. Read A Book Together- Find a book that is family friendly and read a chapter or two each night. It’s such a great way to connect with your kids and show them the magic of literature. 
  28. Science Experiments- Build a sand volcano, make rock crystals, or create a tornado in a bottle. There are so many easy to do experiments to help your kids learn and have fun this summer.  
  29. Write A Book Together- Create a storyline, characters, problem and solution for your story. Write and Illustrate your book together then read it to someone at the end. 
  30. Paint Rocks- It’s so simple yet so brilliant. When painting on paper gets mundane, grab a rock! Add it to your summer garden and enjoy!
  31. Photo Shoot- When I was kid, I loved playing with hair, makeup, and dress up clothes. Have your kids make the props, put together costumes, do their own hair, even play with makeup if you’re comfortable with that. Freedom of expression can often be a battle, so create a scenario where it doesn’t have to be!
  32. String Beads- Make pretty jewelry like a necklace or bracelet, or create a fun chunky rope bead for the mantle. It’s so easy to do and is great for helping kids concentrate on a task to calm their mind. 
  33. Dance Party- Turn down the lights and bump up the music! There are so many fun kid songs now that we all enjoy! Phineas and Ferb soundtrack is by far my kids favorites and I find myself singing and dancing along too! 
  34. Hula Hoop Contest- Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at hula hooping… At least my kids sure think so! Add some music to keep the energy levels up. When you’re done swinging it around your hips, use them for your obstacle course!
  35. Jump Rope- Teach your kids how to jump rope. Impress them with your criss cross and backwards jumps! They’ll think you’re super cool. 
  36. Basketball- Play a game of Horse or Pig. Something I always did with my cousins and I look back on it with a smile every time. I am definitely not a great basketball player but my kids don’t care about that.
  37. Mini Golf- We love mini golf! Such a fun, easy activity to do together. We don’t bother to keep score and celebrate the good and the bad. It’s just a great way to get out of the house, walk a bit, and have some fun.
  38. Bocce Ball- We love a good game of bocce. My kids haven’t quite figured out their strength but that keeps the game very interesting. 
  39. Cornhole- It’s such a simple concept yet my kids can do it forever it seems. Cornhole, or bean bag toss as it’s known to many, is a fun backyard activity to do as a family. You can buy boards or make your own for pretty cheap. 
  40. Bonfire- Whether at home or at the beach, I simply love a good bonfire. Cook your hot dogs and roast some marshmallows for dinner and desert. Bonus, it keeps the bugs away. 
  41. Stargazing- Smartphones have changed the way we navigate the stars. While searching and guessing was fun too, I love when my kids ask, “what’s that,” I can show them! 
  42. Bake Together- At least once a month, I try to bake something with my kids. Its not just about teaching them a life skill, which I of course want to do, but it really is a fun opportunity to tackle a task together. We often share what we bake with a friend or neighbor which just enhances the experience.
  43. Cook Night- In the summer, one night per week it is my kids responsibility to plan and cook the meal. They are currently 5 and 7 so I of course do the majority of the cooking, but they get full reign over the menu and are by my side the entire time from purchasing ingredients, cooking it, serving, and cleaning up. My kids can’t wait for summer to start so cook nights can resume. 
  44. Squeeze Fresh Juice- Make tasty fresh squeezed lemonade or orange juice! Truly nothing tastes better to me than a fresh glass of OJ in the morning and fresh glass of Lemonade on a hot summer day. 
  45. Make Ice Cream Or Popsicles- For some reason, when you make something yourself, it just tastes better! It’s so fun watching my kids create with different flavors and when you get to eat it afterwards, that’s even better!
  46. Bake Bread- There are many bread recipes that don’t require hours of prep and wait times. That’s my kind of bread to make and eat. Involve the kids in the process of grinding the wheat and mixing the ingredients. Or if you’re like me, grab a box from the store, mix it with the ingredients and voila!
  47. Bubbles- Not just any bubbles though, make the giant bubble wands using long dowels and cotton cord. Grab a large tub and see who can make the largest bubble.
  48. Bike Parade- Some places do this for the 4th of July, but I say, do it any day you feel like it! Give your kids streamers, poster boards and markers, and watch their creativity flow. End the activity by setting some music and taking the bikes for a ride down the block, waving at all of the confused neighbors as you go. 
  49. Mud Kitchen- My son LOVES mud. He will sacrifice his drinking water to make mud. He would rather go thirsty than miss an opportunity to squish that stuff in his hands. So I may as well embrace this side of him and give him a spot just for him. Give him some used pots and pans, crappy clothes, and let the mud bath begin. He understands a hose bath waits at the end. 
  50. Bike Wash/ Car Wash- Washing cars was a chore I loved to do. Sure it took a long time, but the soap and water made it very fun. Maybe you don’t want your kids accidentally scratching your car, or you want to save on water. Instead, do a bike or scooter wash! Same concept, smaller object!

Bonus Idea: Summer Olympics

Invite some friends for a competitively fun time. Create obstacle courses, relay races, swim competitions, and more! Finish the day off with delicious food and a silly medal ceremony. 

I’d love to hear what you ended up doing with your kids this summer! Join me on Instagram for future post updates and other fun content!