9 Easy Self Care Ideas

If there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom, it’s how important self-care is. My parent’s generation and the generations before always met the needs of others and neglected their own. Mothers in particular sacrificed everything and were expected to do so day in and day out. To take time for themselves was viewed as selfish. I think my moms mentality changed as she started getting my brother and I help for some traumas we had gone through. Therapy for some childhood trauma, massage therapy for injury related to a car accident, psychiatry for ADHD and trauma related struggles, etc. I noticed during this time, she started seeking out ways to help herself feel better and recharge. Because she always got my needs met, and I saw her figure out how to meet hers, the idea of self-care didn’t seem like a selfish one, it seemed necessary.

I have a friend who struggles with the guilt placed on them by older generations and even some of our own peers, who haven’t figured out why it’s important to meet your needs too. I hope if one thing gets passed on to my kids its that meeting your needs is not indulgent.

Here are 9 things I have found that give me a quick boost to make it through my day. These are all things I can do without much disruption to my usual routine. As a busy mom, finding time for bigger breaks isn’t easy.

#1- Wash your face to start your day. This should seem like an obvious one but as a busy mom, some of our most basic self-care falls to the wayside. Take that 30 seconds to wash your face. I’ve found it instantly boosts my mood and makes me feel more put together. When a morning is rushed and I let that go, I just feel sloppy until I get to it.

 #2- Take an extra-long shower. Showering shouldn’t be considered self-care; it is a hygienic necessity. What I find restorative is taking an extra few moments to let the warm water run over my face, or to do a nice hair mask while I sit in the toasty water. Living in California and with droughts seemingly always on the horizon, I can’t do this every day. It becomes a nourishing treat and something that brings me an extra pep in my step. If its been a particularly difficult day, I will put a show on for the kids and go hop in the shower. It just resets my day and helps me push to the finish line.

#3- Do a face mask. My kids jokingly scream every time they see me in one, which is part of the fun 😊. Truly there is something so amazing about the way your mood boosts when you do a face mask. I don’t know if it’s the cool tingly feeling on the face, or the knowledge of how awesome your skin is about to look and feel. I love this one because I can still do the things around the house or with the kids that I need to do while still enjoying the benefits in the end!

 #4- Deep breaths for 30 seconds or 5 minutes. Sometimes there just isn’t time or space to do other self-care. If you find yourself in need of a reset, just take some deep breaths. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Try to clear your mind of the stress and tension you may be feeling. If you have to do this hiding in the bathroom or putting a screen on for your kids, that’s okay. We want to be the best person/parent we can and sometimes that means taking a minute to breathe.

 #5- Meditate for 20 minutes, or whatever you have time for. I will be honest, this one I am not as good at. When I remember to meditate, my mind is clear, the stress stays away, and I feel like a much better person. If you can start your morning or close your day with meditation, you will see just how it can change your mind.

 #6- Listen to your favorite music. This one is so easy to do! How many times do we put on the kid’s playlist or watch the kids’ shows? Switch it up and put on music that makes you feel happy. The kids will survive listening to your 90’s jams for a bit instead of Disney’s greatest hits. If you’re feeling low or stressed out, bump up your jams and let those endorphins bring your mood back up.

 #7- Eat out. Moderation is key. But if you’re having a busy day, or a rough day, don’t feel like you have to eat what you have at home. A meal out every now and then is a great way to make the day feel special and change the mood of the day. If you can’t manage to get away, splurge a little and get it delivered!  

#8- Write it out. Whether it be recapping your day, listing your blessings, or venting your emotions, getting thought to paper is an amazing way to release the stress of a day and prepare yourself to tackle the next one. I wish I was amazing at keeping a journal, but I do often write something at the end of the day. Especially when stress or tensions have been high, or my emotions have been low. So take a few moments and get that pen to paper each day.

 #9- Connect with someone important to you- Life is short and it’s easy to let good relationships slip in the busyness of daily life. Make it a point each day to send a text or DM someone you care about. You may not have time to have a full-blown catch-up conversation, but this little effort can not only make their day, but make you feel more connected too. 

There are so many things we can do each day to meet our needs and keep us going. These 9 are the most effective for me and I hope you find something useful in the list too. When we are taken care of, we can take better care of others. Let go of the guilt, let go of the societal pressures. You matter too. 



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