Host The Best Fourth Of July Party This Year

Independence day, the day we celebrate our freedom from Tyranny with BBQ’s, Friends, and Fireworks. I love the unity I feel on this day each year. Sure, our country has its flaws, but at its core are fundamental rights and values for all. That is something worth celebrating! 

If you find yourself hosting the festivities this year, I’ve put together a few ideas to help make your Fourth of July party plans a breeze this year!

I’ve found that the easiest way to entertain people on the Fourth of July is with a classic pool party/ BBQ. If you don’t have a pool at your disposal, don’t worry! You can still throw an amazing party without it. I am all about low-stress party planning. Your guests will just be happy to be in good company and grateful they didn’t have to host this year!  


First, decide if you want to host at your home or a local park/beach. Your decision will likely depend on the number of guests, parking in your area, and size of your home/yard. Wherever you end up, these ideas will transfer well, so long as the area rules permit. 


BBQ is a classic and easy way to cook and serve food. If you have your party outside of the home, you can always bring a portable grill and cook from practically anywhere. Simplify your food commitment by making it potluck style for sides. Save on your beverage budget and have everyone BYOB.

Lawn Games

There are some seriously fun lawn games out there. If you have the space, set up more than one. Here is a list of our family favorites.

Bocce Ball

Ladder Ball

Spike Ball

Corn Hole

Giant Jenga

Giant Checkers




If you have a large enough space, set out some sports activities for the more active ones in the group. Here are some ideas to get your thoughts flowing.

Kick around a soccer ball

Pass a football

Throw a frisbee

Shoot some hoops

Set up a net for Volleyball or Badminton


Set the mood by blasting some tunes. Many streaming services have Fourth of July playlists, or play whatever suits your party mood. Kick your event music up notch and hire a live musician, if your budget allows.

For Kids

If your event will have a heavy kid presence, here are some activities to make the day special for them.

Sidewalk art contest

Water balloon toss


Bike Parade

Set our a variety of art supplies

Image From- Seattle Staged To Sell


I am all about keeping things simple and that goes for décor too. Here is a list of basics must haves to get your party ready to go.

Festive Table Cloths– protect your tables and add a festive flair to your tables.

Table Toppers– These cute starts can be mixed along with floral arrangements, cute table top signs, and more.

Decoration Bundle– Banners to hanging swirls and poms, these bundles are a one and done decoration purchase!

Pinwheels– line your pathway, stick them in a vase, or hand them out to kids as the come in. Pinwheels are a great way to add some festive flair to your party.

Flag Banner– let your flags fly high, above the food table, over your doorway, or across your railings.

Flag Bunting– decorate your railings with this classic patriotic addition

What are some things you always have at your Fourth of July Parties? I’d love to hear from you. Be sure to follow over on Instagram for future post updates!